A Green Comet and Lifting the Veil

Looking up into the sky on a very regular basis I feel as though the star beings are talking to me – on a one to one with open ended conversation. Not just one of them, but any and/or all of them – yeah, it can get a bit chatty at times (or is that just me?). For the most part it’s about having a conversation with wise ones. It is said in indigenous lore that the stars are our ancestors, and they have a lot of unfiltered wisdom to share if we but ask. Our ability to connect at this time is much greater because the ‘veil’ is being lifted on Planet Earth.

What does that mean? There have been ‘restrictions’ here on earth for thousands of years that have disabled us from remembering who we are and why we are here…restrictions that have told us we are not worthy to talk to the Spirits, God, whomever you are familiar with as your part of this experience. The ‘veil’ is what virtually ‘erases’ our memories of past lives, and it creates an illusion that when we die we leave and are no longer available. Of course this has been challenged and dissipating for many years now, but consider that this ‘wall’ is crumbling and we are now capable of being in touch with the realities that have only until recently been ‘unavailable’ to us on a consensus level. This has changed and continues to change and there have been and will continue to be harbingers of this fact…I believe the green comet is the current one. As the veil is lifted and we remember what our true nature is and the inherent abilities that we have within to connect with these other realities, commune with other beings on levels that prior to now have been labeled “woo woo”, well let’s just say pandora’s box is now open to all who choose to see and believe…and the doors of communication are open wide.

I live where the temperatures don’t fluctuate a lot and so I have the blessing of being able to go outside early in the mornings – like dark early, a couple of hours before sunrise – this is my special time of day for doing my morning meditation energy work under the stars, usually…we do have clouds and rain which changes it up, and wind – OMG – the wind! Anyway, my mornings are the best part of my day when I am up before life begins chirping away about the upcoming day, and while I am simply in the moment in that very sacred space of quiet and I know that I can commune with the earth and sky on a very intimate and open forum – we talk. I talk, they listen…then I listen and they can speak to me.

This is a time of day when I set my intentions for the day and voice any query that might be lingering around the process of things. Here we are already February 2, January 2023 is gone in a flash and the planets are all moving direct until the first of April – and what’s coming this spring will most likely stir up a bit of a whirlwind, I might suggest. The flying green comet whizzing by us as I write this, is delivering some important stuff – everyone is trying to catch a glimpse, but he is not easy to spot with the naked eye. This morning is the first time in days that everything has been lined up right to catch that glimpse – I knew right where to look, the stars were shining brightly and the moon, a bright orange/red ball, was just setting into the sea, peaking at me through the trees. I stepped out into the very fresh and clean new morning into a lush area of the yard – not my normal meditation place, however this was a very clear invitation to change that now, and the heavens were sparkling and twinkling above me. I stepped into my breathwork and connected with my Source Energy…connecting with the heavens and the earth in ritual to replenish my energy, fuel up my batteries and open up to the gifts available to me on this day.

Because of this comet passing by and the acceleration of things and the blatant shift in things that are not explainable in words – all combined there are some very intense energies in our world right now – my morning ritual has taken on another level of importance for me.  It is becoming something that I liken to an open conduit – almost like channeling but more personal, and not in my head. It is a vey clear body connection, and I would therefore have to compare it to feeling in a state of Oneness with the All That Is. The fact that I know that I CAN is part of stepping beyond and outside of the restrictions imposed by the ‘veil’. An important task that has been a challenge for me is getting out of my head – DON’T THINK SO MUCH!!! And being such an Aries, Jupiter in Gemini – my gawd this has and is an ongoing  discipline…the art of listening without your brain chattering away trying to put everything in order or explained or logged into some form or another…I am practicing formlessness, which includes the removal of conditioning, one layer at a time. Conditioning, aka ‘programmed behaviors’, uphold the veil…so you know. BTW, I did not see the comet – but I had a wonderful conversation with that part of the early morning sky people!

Okay, before I get too far out in deep water in this word format, just know this: if you haven’t already felt it, time is speeding up; there is a green comet whizzing by that is delivering some important information on what is coming – IF you are listening; the world as we know it is changing magnanimously before our eyes and there is nothing we can do to change its momentum; we will either be taken for a ride or we will be navigating the ride consciously; now is the time to shine the very best version of you possible; PAY ATTENTION – open your eyes and ears to the magic that is happening everywhere – and, we each have a front row seat! How cool is that? Anyone CAN reach into unlimited territories of understanding and connections we never believed possible until now, at least for the majority of this human population (there have always been mystics and Gnostics and witches and such that were not willing to sell their souls to programming…!).

It IS important to take the ride, the moment, these times – seriously. However, it is equally as important to enjoy the ride and find as much humor as possible in each and every day! There’s some big shit coming down the pike…it’s been building and the pressure is releasing in volcanos and earthquakes the world over. This is not about doomsday, this is about opportunities becoming available to us NOW to envision our world – that’s right, like a vision board we see what we want to create, ‘envision’ it as a healed and vibrant world that we are consciously in tune with (like going out into nature?) and reciprocating with. Imagine the most beautiful version that you can…we are far more powerful than we have ever been allowed to believe and it is time to awaken to the fact that we have been duped and dumbed down for far to long. Wakey wakey, knock knock…

On that note, the weather has been a bit wild – lots of rough water, high surf, winds, rain, storms, lightening and thunder and my ability to get out on and in the water has been compromised to a limited amount. The whales came in late and have not been in an obvious abundance, porque? No se. Last year I was out in the deep with a friend on our boards and were gifted an entourage of young males singing and circling around us for the longest time…I have been yearning to go out and be with them this year. Yesterday morning I went out on my board, it was the nicest I have seen it in a long time! Flat, calm, no one there at all and no wind! The water was clear – finally – and I couldn’t stay out cuz my day was already booked. Then in the afternoon I was at a friends’ and there was a group of whales splashing and tails flapping and breaching out in front of me – what an invitation!!!  I am leaving here shortly to go out and listen to the messages from the sea…whatever messengers are sent to deliver, I am most grateful for the experience!

With that I will call this good for now, I must step back into the saddle of writing on a regular basis, right? Now is the time…do what is most important and let go of what is not.

A hui hou.

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