Full Moon in Gemini 2022

December 7 11:08 PM EST

This is a full moon of redirection and updates. Mars, the planet of action, passion, motivation and movement has been in the dexterous and multifaceted sign of Gemini since August 20th. On October 30th it began a 10 week retrograde in that sign. Mars has not been retrograde in Gemini since way back in 2008.

Whenever Mars goes retrograde (every other year) it is an invitation to reappraise how we “do” certain aspects of our life. In Gemini this is an invitation to reappraise various aspects of how we “do” things related to communication and news/information. Gemini is also a natural multi-tasker so we are being challenged with honest self-assessment of how well we multi-task and which of the projects or ideas we have been juggling are really worth the effort and which ones are merely a distraction.

While these themes are significant for the…

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