Still being held in the energetic arms of the sea, I can hear the songs of the whales that I have been blessed to immerse myself into the magnificent presence of…such a joy! My heart sings with these incredibly powerful and majestic gentle giants of the sea – I am humbled.

The other day I went to the harbor for a paddle and the water was as calm and clear as I had seen it in too long…it was pure joy to be out on the stillness in the early morning saying my prayers to Gaia. My day was full so I could not take the time, nor was I prepared, to go out of the harbor and into the deeper water that beckoned me. Later that day I was with a friend doing some energy work when I heard, quite loudly, the splashing, breaching and playing of a group of whales just off the edge of the cliffs a la mar – I felt and heard them calling me, telling me that now is the time. Oh, how elated I was! That day I gathered my gear, loaded my board onto my Yota and prepared for the next morning’s adventure.

Awaking early in the morning I was pulled onto the green grass in the predawn hours to give my thanks and open myself up to the experience that awaited me. Hardly able to contain my excitement I was shivering all over, got my chores done so there was nothing pulling me away once out there (duties and the clock, tick tock tick tock), I was down at the harbor a little bit later than I prefer, but it was nice, warm, hardly anyone around and the water was beautiful!! The whales were again breaching and tail splashing on the water along the coast as I drove to the harbor – it seems that I have been waiting for far too long for this moment…indeed, it has been a year. The whales usually show up in December and last year there were so many! This year has been only a few here and there and finally the community of local cetaceans arrived in abundance and with all of their joyful vibes to share. The time is now, all systems go!

Totally excited and eager to go I found that my gear was not quite up to par, but good enough to go – mental notes for what to add to my gear bag. I headed out, I was by myself this day and had absolutely no trepidation about it – I was going out to be in the energy of my ocean family. I headed straight out for the deep blue – there were already some boats out just floating in various places, waiting.  The laws to protect the whales have been upgraded so that there will be NO CHASING WHALES!!! I am all for this, too many motor boats flying around chasing the whales and dolphins with their high paying ‘clients’ on board, totally unsettling the magical atmosphere of just being in the presence of these magnificent beings, and creating a helluva commotion in the process. I paddled way out and saw a spout, then another – they were a bit farther out than I was willing to go by myself, I was already way out there (yes, physically and psychically), so I just sat on my board and waited, breathed consciously and connected with the incredible magic that was all around…WOW!

I Stayed out for a good while, they were there but none up real close…I got in and swam a bit, and then just floated on the surface of the deep listening to their songs, just being with them in their world…I was submerged, literally, in their energy, a calm bliss like no other.

Then it was time to go in.

High as one of the star people I returned home and immediately upgraded my gear situation because I was going out again the next day, and to my delight a good friend and professional photographer would be joining me. My friend has spent incredible amounts of time under water photographing the sea creatures, we have swum with the manta rays and honus (sea turtles) and manos (sharks), talked to moray eels and lobsters and so much more. Just a year ago we went out on our boards and waited…we were blessed with a small group of males that hung around us for quite a while singing their songs of love with a power that was vibrating our chests! We could hear the songs while sitting on our boards and then in the water it was SO POWERFUL, such incredible intensity to deeply feel the vibrations of those songs!

Fun fact: only the males sing, they are wooing the females and will swim together in search of any potential flings with a lady cetacean. When they encounter one this is when the tail flapping and breaching parties with LOTS of splashing go on – to see this is fantastic.

We didn’t have that part around us but we had them swimming around us for at least an hour. When you are in the water with one of them their enormous size and sheer magnificence is beyond explanation – definitely humbling! They connect through vibrations so having any fear is not an option – allowing, trusting and being respectful in that you are in their world is required.

The plan for our adventure was to meet early, about sunrise, at the harbor and be on the water asap. It had been a while since my friend was out in the water, the volcano has been quite busy so he has practically been living up there, but the whales were calling and we were both excited to possibly get a repeat of last year’s most memorable experience. Anything in the midst of whale energy is memorable! But we were vibing into their energy…oh it was going to be so awesome, I could feel it already…that same high energy as the day before only now knowing that we would be going wherever we could to be in their midst – undefinable excitement pulsating totally through my entire being.

Again the water was perfect – flat, calm, clear, welcoming. Another friend joined us for a short time until we reached the mouth of the harbor, hardly about to contain our anticipation. As we got into open water there were spouts immediately visible. A few canoes (wa’a) and kayaks were out, and there were a couple of small boats way out, each hoping to be visited and bathed in whale energy. Actually, the whale energy is SO FRICKIN BIG that one is bathed in it just being out there in the water! We paddled out along the buoys and there were a couple of canoes sitting in the water…then we saw the surfacing of a whale near them…this whale looked like she was hanging around, and indeed it looked like there could be more than one…and yet we allowed the space for them all to enjoy those whale blessings and we paddled to deep water. The whales were all around, to the south, west and north – everywhere! Which way shall we go? People to the south, let’s go north up the coast. The currents were carrying us north, as well, so we just tuned in and looked for the ‘right’ spot for us to sit and wait as we enjoyed the quiet and peace of gliding on our boards along the smooth water.

There was some big action happening a short way away and so off we went to get close. The whales were in small groups or singles and most of them were traveling northward, but they were close and as they moved those immense bodies moved so gracefully, surfacing now again with a slow beautiful roll of their glistening black backs and then a tail would flip up and down they would go. It ‘appears’ as though they are moving slowly, but they can cover a lot of ground in a minute! WOW…so smooth and easy and BIG.  We got into the water and listened to their songs…not quite as strong today as they were that other magical time a year ago, but still loud enough to hear, and no doubt to feel the vibrations. So close! And yet apparently on a mission to get where they were going, they were not too interested in visiting with us or checking us out today.

We swam a bit and crooned with their music, watching those sleek backs and big tails – oh so closely traveling by us. Sitting on our boards we softly reached into some deep and personal conversation…what better place to hold council than way out there in the peace and stillness of Mama Gaia’s magical embrace? I was actually surprised by how far north we had gone, with the help of the current. We had been out for a while now – when we started there was a gentle cloud cover but it was now gone and the sun was blazing down on us. Home made sunscreen and a hat – must haves. We turned our direction towards the harbor and paddled. Off of the outside edge of the break wall, on the deep edge of the reef we could see a whale so we headed that way. She was hugging the coast pretty close, whereas the other whales were at cruising ‘altitude’, a bit deeper. A couple on an outrigger canoe sat still and were blessed in the presence of this whale as we watched and paddled towards them

My vibrational connection with the whales today has been unreal, so deeply connected that I could feel them and would know where one would surface, or what direction to look in and then there he was, surfacing right there. It happened again and again I was validated with being spot on. There was indeed a magnetic connection here that I could feel so profoundly that it has changed me forevermore. A new feeling, a unification in vibration that goes far beyond words or explanation! Euphoric kind of touches it, a little bit. A feeling that won’t go away any too soon, guaranteed.

I was watching the red buoy – there are two red buoys on the ocean side and two green buoys on the coast side outside of the entrance to the harbor, these buoys mark the deep passage space for boats entering and leaving the harbor. The furthest red buoy out was still small and we had been paddling for a while now – wow, we were really out there! As we paddled I was thinking, that buoy isn’t getting any bigger too quick – ha ha. As we approached I felt as though I was being followed, by something big…I kept looking behind me – nothing, so it appeared. A very humbling feeling and almost eerie at the same time…it went under me and by me.  I could see ahead that the same whale was hanging out in the same area and we continued on towards her.

The canoe had moved on and as we approached we could see that it was a cow with a newborn calf. It had to be the same whale that was out around the buoys when we left to go out, and now here she was right in front of us. We got within shouting distance (no, no shouting – just an expression) and stopped – then they were in front of us and all around us, a brand new white calf with Mama! My friend grabbed his camera and was in the water muy rapido – I was sitting on my board giggling inside. There were big round circles appearing in front of me, beside me and now behind me – they were underneath me, and it was so incredibly awesome! We got to see them both up close and VERY personal, and be blessed in their gentle energy, and the energy of a newly born calf right here, right now.

I kind of figured that the immense shadow energy that I felt had to be the escort male. There is always an ‘escort’ male with cow/calf pairs, and they defend their space in a big whale way and so now I could see why the other males were cruising on by and not hanging out in that area, OBVIOUSLY Big Papa was defending the sacred space of Mama and Baby. In no way did I ever feel threatened, they are so wise and gentle – however, I would not want to challenge that energy as a young punk male – no way!!

Mama and Baby moved on off and we were baked by the sun and how could you ask for more than the gifts we had already received? We sat on our boards in total awe and reverence – mesmerized by the encounter and the energy all around us. Okay…time to go in…

That night the winds came in, they had been foretold by the beautiful red sunrise that welcomed us to this awesome, amazing and fabulous day. We make plans to go out again on Monday – vamos a ver, we shall see what the winds and swell have to say. All I know is that the cetacean migration will be here for at least all of this month, and we will get to immerse ourselves at least once more into the highly magnetic and HEARTFELT space of these gentle giants, totally. An incredible GIFT that lives in my heart – GRATITUDE IN MAGNITUDE.

A hui hou, until next.

Jasmine Carey/ Caters News – (PICTURED the humpback whale calf and mother cuddle) These adorable snaps might make you blubber as the heartfelt moment between a mother whale and calf hugging has been captured on camera. The incredibly cute calf appears to be cuddling the mother as she assists the marine mammal to take a breath. Jasmine Carey, from Gold Coast, Aus, snapped the calf, who is less than one week old, and the mother in Vava’u, Kingdom of Tonga. She said: “The Calf is resting on the mother’s rostrum and rubbing itself along it, which is very typical and would be a bonding behaviour. SEE CATERS COPY

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