A Beautiful Gestation

Here I am sitting in utter amazement that it is August 25, 2022 – already. Nine months ago, 2021 was wrapping up and solstice coming up quickly.  Looking upon the year now behind me into that moment of pondering where it, the next new year (2022), could possibly take me…there was so much shifting sand under my feet where the sea laps at the edge of the beach that I could feel the changes in motion – and yet had not a clue just what they might bring. I have learned over my many years to stop and listen to my own guidance in these moments…change is underfoot.

Center and ground – listen…right now, what do I do? What did I know in this moment – that clear unquestionable kind of ‘know’ – what step to take, where to focus, what direction to choose – that would allow me to serve my purpose with an optimal outcome (all things considered) at this moment leading up to Solstice? It is quite interesting how things unfold when you let go and listen without having your logical mind (i.e., ‘ego’) chirping in your ear 24/7 – or better said, the art of learning how to tune it out so that eventually it remains as background counsel, a “resource”. First on the “to-do” list was to quit the Saturday farmer’s market where I sold my wares of herbal concoctions of all sorts plus trinkets and such that I might create, and at the time it seemed as though a new venture that was unfolding in my life would provide for me and sustain me as my “new job” – it was already consuming me on a daily basis just to keep up. However, as it turned out there was and still is somewhat of a time lag in this current of manifestation in sustainability, and yet things have a way of manifesting of their own volition, not necessarily mine.

This started my year with a big rush right out of the starting gate, things were happening fast, and then everything stopped. WTF? I mean it came to an abrupt halt for any kind of action or income. Interestingly enough, this was also an extremely significant moment in time for me in the events department and of course, astrologically. All said and done, you could say that I had some shit to take care of first – do not pass go, do not collect $200, go directly to Internal Work Camp (IWC). *Sigh*

Astrology is one of my passions. It called to me very strongly many years before I made the leap into studying it. What prompted that action (as I very much see and understand it now) was Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus moving out of Pisces into Aries…Uranus, the planet of wakey-wakey, electrical jolts and physical shake-ups (like earthquakes and storms of all kinds) to your current reality, in the sign of “I Am”. This fun time was indeed awakening, as Uranus tromped over my sun, ascendant, Venus and moon in Aries, eight years of wreaking havoc through every last bit of me (literally digging deep into my core essential Self) – Pluto having an intense dialog and transformational impact via his pounding on my Chiron and shaking up my north node in the house of career and how I deliver myself to the outside world…all being rocked and rattled so that I would look at my life more closely and rearrange some pieces…ongoing still. In a nutshell: I had to take a long hard look at who I was and who I was becoming and what kind of wounding/healing needed to take place in certain areas. I shall spare you the astrological details in this post and yet still say this: Holy Frickin Shit, MAJOR death and rebirth.

Fast forward to January-February 2022…These slow moving transformational outer planets can stir things up while in the middle of it all – but guaranteed there will be many layers of revelations yet to uncover along with confrontations of what has yet to be dealt with – ad infinitum, and so it was at this time in my face BIG TIME. Just when I thought I was breaking out and breaking free into a new adventure – hahaha, NOT. I started to question myself and doubt my choices and then I got all bothered and stirred up about it to the point that it became a seriously stressful time, and I honestly and totally did not know what to do. And with so much fire within me this was leading into a potential spontaneous combustion, clearly it was imperative that something had to be done.

And then there was an incredible ‘aha’ moment…

This Journey of life truly is an amazing gift, however it does take a lot of focus in a couple of very important ways and means, for example:

-faith – in knowing that what is going on is helping you grow and evolve.

-belief – what you believe in will be the power behind you, and this changes along the way with…

-truth – ever-shifting and changing along with beliefs

All these things are constantly modified through experiences which are there to help you adjust your sails and thus your ability to get wherever you are going.

“If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there.” – Lewis Carroll

What is the point of all of this? Because of my faith in knowing based on my belief system, I knew that the answer/solution would be available somehow – indeed it did show up, it always does. This is possible for anyone anytime but believing that it CAN happen and trusting in whatever way the message could be delivered, along with learning to listen to everything coming your way ‘cuz you just don’t know who, how, where or when, is incredibly awesome and I will say it: Divine guidance in course corrections. I received my directives and immediately knew that I had to swipe my table clean of everything.

My ‘everything’ was all that was me standing in my own way, which of course you have to identify – and wiping it all off of my table was a good start, kind of like when you have an allergy and don’t know what is causing it you eliminate most ‘logical’ culprits then add one back in at a time until you can see what is causing the mayhem. My mayhem was expectations for what I thought ‘should be’ according to my current direction calculations. Adding anything back in had to be seriously deliberated in this case. 

This swipe and wipe opened up a new chapter in life for me and I will tell you that since that time which was my birthday time as well as the spring equinox (NOT a coincidence, ahem), this housecleaning forever changed my life. We are in times of great upheaval, collectively and individually and it will have impact on each and every one of us, out of chaos comes change – but finding balance while navigating in unstable ocean conditions is very challenging…this is why I love astrology so much! It will show you where your strengths and weaknesses lay and what areas of your life the work is needing to be done at any given time (of stress, chaos, whatever). This particular swipe forced me to go into living my life from moment to moment, ha ha ha – like I thought I was already doing that, ha ha ha. There are always layers and layers unfolding for understanding the most important lessons one has in life.

Because this post is getting lengthy and wordy I will leave it all with this:

The Shi(f)t has hit the fan and each one of us is undergoing major overhauls. As without, so within – as within, so without. Whatever is going on in your outside world is reflecting your state on the inside – stop and look at this so you can make course corrections, and if you don’t know then ask the Cosmos for help! Always consult your heart for the truth in the messages that you receive, there are cons everywhere on this planet and even out there in the mixed-up beyond 3D Earth realms, i.e. there are ‘feeders’ everywhere.  Your heart’s counsel ALWAYS speaks the truth, but your mind/ego with all kinds of programmed logic can mislead you. The heart speaks through feelings and simply knowing – which is where I started with this chapter in my journey. Back in December 2021 I knew what I needed to change, but there was absolutely no way I could know what was behind that door to change I was opening…I had to trust that the process would continue to lead me where I needed to go to make the most of my evolutionary shifting that would also give me much needed balance for navigating these unruly unpredictable times we are so blessed to be witnessing.

Let’s just say that 9 months after that amazing winter impregnation stimulus, I am giving birth here at this New Moon in Virgo to a pretty cool phase in my life and it is VERY exciting, and I trust the process implicitly because I have faith and belief in my guidance! Moment to moment, no expectations of what should be – only dreams and visions of endless possibilities…along with time-outs in IWC – ha ha ha.

Blessings of Aloha to you all, may your Journey be amazing as we traverse the birthing of these New Realms consciously.

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