Bente Amundsen • Aisha North

May 30
Step into the space of stillness.
Feel into the vibrancy
of that infinite moment.
The space where all doubts evaporate.
The space where all that you are becomes clear.
Clarity is much needed
in this time and age.
For this is the time for change.
Not just for you. For all.
Time to walk away
from everything that no longer serves you.
As individuals, and as a collective.
And what is being left behind,
will not always go in peace.
But peace is what you are moving towards.
When every decision you make,
come from that space of stillness.
The all-knowing, all-seeing
sanctum within you.
So step into that space.
The space where you will find your Self.
But also each other.
For this is the space of oneness.
Of unity, compassion and courage.
Where the future you dream of, already exists.
So step into that space.
It is time to find your way back home.

Dear friends!
Everything seems to be speeding up more and more. As if we are being carried along by a fast flowing river. Nothing is permanent. But in all of this movement, there is also a deep stillness. Pockets of tranquility, where it is possible to just BE. I invite you to join me in the deep stillness…

(The above a gift from Aisha North – Bente)
Thank you so much Bente for your incredible messages! And so it is for me, as follows…

Ahhhhhh, the epiphanies…the peaceful understanding, the tranquility of the realizationzzzz. The intensity of our current reality, in all aspects – no stone shall be left unturned – has dealt a heavy hand during this round. I can feel it deep down inside of me, especially as I glance back to the last new moon on April 30-May 1, this catalyst opened the door. What was happening then? I recommend that you have a look to this point in time in reflection (Mercury retrograde) to see what kind of energy you were holding, what kinds of circumstances were occurring, what was the ‘flavor’ of your reality? I can tell you that mine was like spontaneous combustion was imminent! Funny and not funny, I had put myself in a position that I have come to understand over and through, around and under this eclipse portal – and in this understanding, what a significant and major leap for me that it is. I must say that I count many blessings along the way, yet I had to get out of my own way very seriously for these gifts of clarity to ‘reveal’ themselves to me. Coming out the other side of this portal has me humbled, truly – and yet so empowered in this revelation. To process this I am moving as consciously in each moment as I can, which is no small feat as those of us that are consciously traveling the Journey of the Soul have come to experience. It is a practice, and the more attention/focus we give this practice the better at it we will get.
Opening up consciously to your moment of now and just feeling the energy and allowing the energy to move you, is a dance. To plug in, tune in, allow and just move to the ‘music’ is incredibly magic, like riding a horse bareback, no hands, on the beach at a really nice, free gallop – without fear, none. The horse is a barometer of the rider, so to be together in sync takes total trust – faith, letting go…just Be-ing together as One. This is exactly how I am integrating my Human Self with the Soul Self – a lot of letting go, trust, faith and allowing as we learn to move together in sync to the music of our Spheres – AND with the collective. As we get it with our own energy, the rest just follows – no extra added effort needed. I.e., getting your own mojo in flow is all we need to ‘do’ by being consciously present, always.
Intellectually our minds will put this into order, file it, explain it, describe it, etc. etc. etc. – However, this is not what it is about! The understanding will come along, because we already know it – but this pure conscious focus is the road, the trail, The Way – map not needed…mind not at the helm. It is the connection that we ‘realize’ is what we have been ‘looking’ for. Me, I am an OCD seeker of understanding, there are constantly a gazillion puzzle pieces everywhere and I need to fit them together to see the picture clearly – NOT, no – not anymore. This has been my greatest epiphany in this window, and I now can see it with a deeper perspective – or perhaps I should say a loftier perspective, because it is now not deep and buried but out in the light so that I can see it and integrate it through simply focusing on being conscious, one moment after another – and truly feeling my way through.
I was able to get on my paddleboard this morning for the first time in a week and it was such a joy, I had the harbor to myself, and the water was beautiful and calm – the wild weekend of families and friends at the beach barbequing was done – back to work. I was practicing my focus – not defining anything, merely observing, and feeling – I was tuned in. I went where I needed to go. A lot of big fish surfaced and rolled in my line of sight. Up ahead there was a very interesting movement just under the surface of the water – and it was in a non-distinct pattern that was alluring…fascinating to stop and observe. It was alive, it had its own rhythm and togetherness, moving as one flow – and yet I could see the individuals within the movement. On many occasions I have watched the fish moving similarly in schools just under the surface – I could see the fish and they would often jump – small fish. This was entirely different…it was energy, moving along the top of the water and it had its own volition and pattern and extended for a long time, it was flowing like a stream within the bigger waters of the harbor. I was captivated and watched it. I had to check myself back into being in the moment and just feel it for what it was in those moments, one after another. As soon as I thought about looking for the ‘fish’ I rechecked myself back into observation without explanation mode. I remember in one of the first books of Carlos Castaneda when Don Juan had Carlos tripping out in the desert and Carlos began to watch a bush that had become VERY alive and was an animal, he watched it in fascination, trying to describe it and figure out what this unexplainable living creature was. He watched in fascination for a while, Don Juan watching him – when he finally ‘realized’ (ho hum) that it was just a bush in the breeze and not a living other worldly creature. Don Juan threw up his hands in total frustration and futility – Carlos missed it, again. There was a moment of complete total abandon into the act of just witnessing – without falling back into the programmed explanation/description of “it”, this is exactly what I was consciously ‘practicing’ while watching the energy dance in the water – it was quite beautiful, and very powerful.
A practice…here is the potential for creating a new reality, one that is not already explained or defined – one that with practice has the potential to become a work of creation…Dreaming the dream into Be-ing. Thoughts that have travelled through the perception of the Heart becoming reality. Creation NOT based on what is explainable or defined and accepted as ‘what is’ – losing the programmed reality. HUGE.
Thus, I am off into the frontiers of exploring that which has yet to be categorized, explained, justified, etc. etc. etc…using my own practice of simply Be-ing in the moment, as much as possible.

Until next, happy Journeying.

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