Oh yeah, if only we could duck. The photon belt has been throwing all kinds of downloads and light particles at us, actually for a while now, but this past week or so has been unbelievable! And yet, we were told, “expect the unexpected” and – it’s gonna get harder, etc. etc. Alrighty then, harder is a state of perspective…there is always the viewpoint that rests elevated with a better bigger view, and then there’s the viewpoint that comes out from under a rock or something – as well as a few shades of grey in between, of course. Training ourselves to do our best at seeing life from that higher advantage is awesome to aspire towards…however, not always easily applicable, especially with so much incoming of all kinds of imaginable sorts (which, of course, come from our deep psyche…right?). It is all ours, bottom line. And it is all for us to see, from wherever we happen to be seeing it (i.e. perspective – point of view/belief systems/programming/etc.). There are times when the view from under the fallen rotting and decaying tree is the best because it is that world that we must be looking at in this moment, no matter how many photons of light are showering down upon us. They are only here to assist us to see more clearly that which is in the dark – and we all have plenty of it, this stuff in the dark – no matter what. What is in the ‘dark’ is only there because it is still yet to be ‘seen’.

This past week was one of those for me, I found myself kind of like being caught in a pounding wave that has me turned every which way and not knowing which way is up and it keeps spinning me and pounding me and surrendering to it is the only option until there is something to grab a hold of…inevitably that something was not in my mind to find but in my heart to see. When intellectually you ‘know’ the mechanics of what is going on, that you are in the dark and all confused but sure as shit don’t know what to do…and then you remember that you already know what to do and to surrender to this chaos is the ONLY option and to REMEMBER that you will/can pull yourself together again…and it IS okay. Like when it seems like you are the only one going through this particular ‘thing’…and then, lo and behold, the rest of the story starts to reveal itself unto you via messages through podcasts or blogs or what-the-frick-ever kind of messenger, and you realize that this is not just your shit, well actually it is but it is everyone’s shit getting stirred up to really get it out because that is what is happening via the ’INCOMING’ catalysts – LOL. And of course, it is all relative to where you are at along your Journey – the one called ‘Life Mission 2022’. This particular round is just one episode that we are talking about here today.

Want a preview of future episodes? HELL NO. Isn’t this enough to deal with?

I love astrology and I have a few really favorite astrologers that seem to nail it and express it exceptionally well in their own perspectives – and all tallied up it is really pretty amazing. I have studied astrology for years and years and still love to hear others’ ways of seeing and interpreting the energies of the planets, and these days – wow. A couple of points that are quite strong right now are such as the fact that all of the planets are moving forward right now – we are in a progressive motion without having to stop and review and re-do anywhere in particular; most of the planets are in the ‘wisdom quarter’ of the chart, meaning the last three signs – Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces – with an influx into new territory as they move into Aries and the astrological new year. And so this begs the question, what wisdom have we gleaned from this past couple of months with this arrangement? As you look around at the events going on in the world – the stories and the underlying reality that reeks of hidden and very disguised truths, in the collective AND in your own personal reality – do you have a wiser perspective to this? It’s easy to fall into judgment right now as we want to make observations alluding to the ongoing blindness that seems to be so BIG all around…and yet, isn’t there a really evident thing going on with people questioning what they are being told? You bet they are! How about you, are you questioning more now than ever? This is wisdom stepping into the foreground…out of the closet where it has been told for eons to stay until allowed to come out (plus all things related to inspiring wisdom, ahem). Yes, our questions…and now we have this really big astrological alignment that is in all astrologers’ discussions and this began with the equinox in Aries, and then we have a wonderful new moon lineup that inspires us with the help of the sun, mercury and Chiron all holding hands with the moon. And what does the new moon tell us? Well with Chiron tightly in here we have to respect and honor the wounds that are showing themselves to us, wounds that have inflicted our core self (are there lies in there? Are there truths we have hidden from ourselves?). These may be deep, they may have been hidden or denied, but they are coming up for us to see and work on finding some degree of resolution – at least in understanding them. Mercury as the messenger may be delivering us clues, and/or he may be alluding to us our means of communication – and to be aware of how we may wound others via our communication. It’s all a matter of paying attention to you – watch your actions and words, and at the same time it is incredibly important to honor the truth of who you are.

So what’s the biggie coming up in a week? Well, not to sound any alarms but April is chock full of ‘biggies’ – however, this one is the BIGGIE of the year: Jupiter conjunct Neptune. Neptune has been in Pisces for years – he has a very long cycle and spends about fourteen years, roughly, in a sign. He entered Pisces on February 3, 2012 – the year we were all packed up and ready to get on spaceships…or something. He stays until March of 2025, and he is at the last degrees now, which indicates he is wrapping up about 10 years of work in what is considered the most ‘spiritual’ sign of all. Neptune and Jupiter are about finding the balance between the Spiritual and the material. Neptune begs us to explore the unknown, that which is beyond the boundaries of Saturn…our connection to Source. Jupiter is expansive – let’s make it really big, exemplified, the elephant in the living room. Both are in their home sign of Pisces, and so the power they have is that much more in alignment – they are doing it that way, via the spirit/’out there’ realms of Pisces – together.

This is big energy for us as a civilization – and individually. Neptune has its highs and lows, as we are searching for who we are in Spirit, we are experiencing this earthly material realm in a physical body – and put to the test of choosing which way we are steering our vessel: through the materialistic idealism in a sea of illusions? Addictions? Lies and distortions? Confusion as to what is true or not? OR – are we choosing to seek the understanding of our connections to Source – via the heart, and letting our feelings and intuition guide us? It’s all being blown up and aggrandized right now, as the movie show we are watching is still trying to make us believe what it wants us to believe.


Now is the time to really wake up to what is being presented before you and what you are choosing to do with it. Not a good time to be asleep at the wheel, for sure. Really easy to be impulsive with this Aries energy, especially with Mars – the ruler of Aries – working with Saturn, what is ruling and governing our world. There will be a big drive for the PTB to maintain momentum (which they have all but lost) and stay on top of the illusions and delusions and the push for addictive behavior (lower Neptune energies), as our Spirit awakens us and wants to guide us in a way that inevitably will lead us into the Divine energies we all so very much want and need…and these energy particles are bombarding us as Photons from the Photon Belt to dispel those illusions and lies. What beautifully perfect Divine timing, eh? You betchure bottom cents/sense it is.

However, we each human has free will to choose as we wish. It is all about our ability to bust out of the chrysalis and dry our newly formed wings. I have definitely been in the ‘goo’ stage, the nothingness of not a caterpillar and not yet a butterfly, for a while. It is only now that I am beginning to see the potentials of this New Reality through the glimpses from light particles, enough light for glimpses…and yet the picture isn’t quite clear. I am paying attention, ESPECIALLY with the planetary transits that are happening for me on my solar return – today. Big Stuff! Holy tamales and good grief. I am Aries determined to embrace as much opportunity for intentional conscious growth as is possible for me, considering where I am at in my Journey.

Where are you at in yours? Time to think about those passions and good feelings as your guides, and watch what presents itself for you to look at, see, and choose – which is the best direction for me right now? This is a time of consideration, not so much as making leaps of faith. Best to really pay attention to see as much of the bigger picture as is possible before being too impulsive in your choices. KNOW what you want, and then try to remember WHY you are feeling this way.

With much love and Aloha – until next


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