Spring Equinox 20-March-2022   Aries Point, Astrological New Year

We celebrate all kinds of New Years – our birthday is a new cycle; the Gregorian calendar ending on December 31 is another step into a new year; Chinese New Year…and so on. Cycles of cycles within cycles, ad infinitum.

This particular ‘New Year’ has a powerful relevance to me because, primarily in my ongoing relationship with astrology through studies. And, also, I am an Aries, born with my Rising Sign/Ascendant within minutes (a fraction) of my birth – the dawning of a new day every day, very deeply imbedded. The past few years have been cathartic for humanity and indeed, myself – and so to step into this new year with eyes wide open and an incredible wealth of information revealed – and, just for grins, toss in some pretty amazing adventures…well, let’s just say this equinox seemed “bigger” than usual.

We have had enough of the old ways of doing things which are being vehemently shoved down our throats enforcing conformity…the Uranus Rebellion is loud and real as many of us are dreaming of a different world, another ‘new’ reality, that does not include those old ways, those lower vibrations of top-down authority and everything that goes with. Hey, the wonders of what the flora and funga are capable of showing us is now headline transformational stuff! We want change and healing, we want a new reality, and we are diving into exploring the vastness of our unlimited (albeit not so readily available…) consciousness. And our very tired Souls – and currently our minds – are in need of some Cosmic therapy with a different view.

Ok, and now we have a gateway, a door into a new year where we can envision what does that other reality look like?, Sure, we could make this day fit any new year formula – but somehow the Spring Equinox is saying goodbye to the dark of short days and going within, to welcoming the new life showing up in all ways around us. Spring cleaning – take everything out of the closet, the basement, the house, the whatever – clean it and go through the ‘stuff’ and don’t put back in what doesn’t work or fit anymore – RIGHT? Same thing right now – a blank canvas. The difference that I feel so strongly about this particular new cycle is that collectively we have the opportunity to envision through our imaginations what it could look like, what it might actually be, without putting in any stops or blocks or stuff that doesn’t belong in the picture. We humans are waking up to the fact that we are not as ‘stupid’ as the picture that ‘they’ have kept hitting us over the head with for frickin’ eons…and we have abilities, albeit dormant – ahem – that we are re-discovering and practicing via our energy fields. The stuff that we have been programmed to believe is not only highly distorted in truth (ahhhh, the stories), but fear based. This is the big leap we are in the process of making: what exactly are we afraid of?

These are the things to identify – to the best of our ability, which is always evolving btw – the roadblocks that we don’t want to allow into our picture of what that/this new reality looks like. GO FOR IT!! This is a new year, a new realm, a new frontier – we have NEVER BEEN HERE BEFORE – EVER – in the history of our species. Let your imagination soar like the eagle or condor into the heavens of an imagination that CAN become real…but we have to do the work.

YIKES – WORK! No easy fix, folks, lots of forgetting old outdated too-many-lifetimes of repeat stuff. Yep, throw out the old clothes – they don’t work anymore. There is no magic pill – blue or red, in fact – but we have the capacity of our minds to explore the inherent wisdom of our Soul that resides within, and so many tools to help us access frontier of inherent wisdom. And there are many avenues into and through those closed and locked doors. However, regardless of how we get through the door, it is time to use the imagination of envisioning what brings your heart joy, peace to your Soul, happiness in simply Be-ing…paint that picture on the canvas of this new Spring creation and watch what happens. Believe in the fact – yes, fact – that we are nothing less than creators in our own rights…as a beautiful red male cardinal dances on the plumeria outside of my window…sigh. So much to be inspired by if we simply get out our easel and listen to our heart as our imagination materializes before us…the work is in letting go of the old shit.

Right? Constipation – it can be an uncomfortable issue. Be the flow mo betta. Don’t consume what plugs you up, keep life simple by simply enjoying the moments, as best as you can, one at a time…like long steady breaths, flowing in…holding…flowing out…hold…a steady rhythm. Deep breath work, by the way, slows down if not completing stopping the ongoing mental chatter, i.e. thinking – which pretty much prevents us from being conscious in the moment. Being conscious is an art – pay attention!

You have a blank canvas, you are breathing and feeling what brings you joy as you are conscious in this moment – now is the time to envision what this New Cycle will look like. HAVE FUN!!

It’s all an adventure – enjoy the ride


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