Shine On

Yippee and yeehaw, things are getting very interesting – to say the least – what an adventure, hey?

Of course it’s all perspective 😐 And truly, hoping that your perspective IS entertaining the adventure of it all as we humans tend to get caught up in the drama of things as we witness them playing out on the stage of our current reality. I tapped into some very good information that did help out in the ‘assessment’ part as I watch this crazy intense show – and this fell right into my own understanding in the ultimate possibilities available, while also extending out much further. So I am hoping that it will help guide others as well: As we witness the current “Showdown at the Power Corral”, the main character that has the world’s attention has an interest in that which he is wanting to take control of aggressively and forcibly, and this interest is karmic. Whether he is aware of this or not is up to speculation, as we watch him carry out his moves. Regardless, this karmic interest is fulfilling a very historic agenda that also has a very current agenda for the destiny of our human civilization…in the eyes of the many, he has our attention – and the people of this planet are standing together in unison (no small feat, hey?) to say that what he is doing and how he is going about it is NOT ACCEPTABLE. The sheer brutality and so basically OBVIOUS very evolutionary level of elementary bully mentality…no, we aren’t buying it anymore.

Translation: he has returned into this incarnation with an agenda – now – to take control of a very sacred place, which he had lost in a past lifetime as a very influential historical figure. And destiny provided him an opportunity – NOW – in this grand show to ‘bow down’ to the wishes of the populace and NOT demand – with guns and shit – to take control. Will he make the choice of stepping down – through the REALIZATION that what he is trying to accomplish goes totally and completely against the cosmic law: TO LIVE AND LET LIVE – ? To say that this is a huge leap for him is a gross understatement – duh. But the opportunity is still here, on the world stage, and the People of the world are yelling at him with their LIGHT, begging him to WAKE THE F&#* UP and to stop, in the name of Humanity.

The thing is, in his past life (thank you Adamus St. Germain of the Crimson Council), he DID wake up from his world as a barbarian tyrannical beast and became a ‘servant’ to the Divine…and as awakened and awakening humans, we do know that as we re-enter into subsequent lifetimes, we pretty much forget the details of past lives, quite inconveniently so at times.  However, we each and every one have the right and opportunity to remember – and here it is, the Grand Opportunity on the world stage of the Greatest Showdown ever up until now: this opportunity to change things on such a huge and immense scale that it is virtually impossible to imagine it as being really possible…will he? Of all of the possible plays on the chessboard, this one seems to be the Call of the Ages, the move that would change the game forever…GLOBAL – and beyond that, COSMIC. A leap in the consciousness of Human beings. (Note: at this moment we really are not privy to the deep motivations of his moves, his strategies, his game – and truth-news is not in abundance, either.)

What can we do, other than watch? SHINE OUR LIGHT – the time is NOW, the eternal moment is NOW for this to become a reality, for him to “see” the power of this moment in the evolution of Humanity – the people are crying, screaming, shouting, begging for it!! As a shining Beacon of Light through the dark, as an Awakened evolving Human so absolutely ready to see the days of tyranny and darkness be done, once and for all…for Mordar to collapse and the beasts to all return to the fires of transformation…SHINE YOUR LIGHT.

In the adventure we call life, as Beings that are aware of the inherent power within, our birthright as Sparks of the Divine – this truly is our time to shine.

And where is the adventure in this, you might ask? Well, as a resident of Hawaii…and the fact that spring has indeed sprung, the ants are showing up in never ending streams…therefore, my current adventure of ‘shining my light’ is in finding out the source of these invasive, demanding, seemingly “mindless” robots of unceasing seek and consume (all of Gaia’s creatures have purpose, mind you, regardless of our opinions) – huh, striking similarity to the current scenario…? And then using that light to find out their destination, as well – with a little help of my vinegar spray, I shall cleanse my own space and draw some boundaries (right…). However, I must add: we all have our purpose, including the ants and the ‘Bad Guys’, and for us to find some harmony in how we deal with it and apply the understanding to whatever current adventure we happen to be participating in…yes? Always seek the high road, or trail – as it is. Explore the adventure for you in this incredible moment in time – right now – to shine YOUR light. For the sake of Heaven indeed possible on Planet E, do it. This is a crossroads that will go down in the history of our current civilization.

Happy Trails – Shine On


(Divine gratitude for the messages of Adamus St. Germain, as delivered by Geoffrey Hoppe of Crimson Circle)

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