I AM…I EXIST…through my awareness of this truth the desire to know more is an invitation to wander

there are no limitations, only infinite possibilities – yes, anything is possible so go – fly, seek and find
everything is within

To ‘talk story’ is the ancients’ way of relaying historical information, as opposed to writing things down. It has been going on for millennia and is a very important part of our life as humans on Planet E. In Hawaii, it is a common thing to gather in family groups, groups of friends, gatherings of all kinds – and talk story. It is a way of sending messages and sharing experiences. This is why I am here, to talk story with all who enter here and care to adventure with me, ‘cuz life is full of them…and the more we talk story, well – we learn a lot AND it can be a lot of fun and laughs! We all do crazy things and crazy does things to us – sharing is part of it.

Thanks for stopping by – ALOHA